• und siehe, der riesige Turm südlich vom Birrfeld ist weg:


    08/20/2022 Fix for 5.9.1 added exclusions for LGKR LIRF EKVL ESME LBBG LGSK LYBE LYBT new: LROD, Reichsburg_Cochem.obj, Heidelberg corrected, large castles removed (Belgium, Netherlands), new: large building near Birrfeld Switzerland removed, noise barrier facades corrected, region Alps and Denmark improved: X-Europe_5.9.1_Fix.7z (96 MB)

    Grüsse Donat

    X-Plane 12 I X-WORLD EUROPE I Ortho4XP

    ASUS STRIX Z270F I i7-7700K @4,20GHz+ I 16GB I SSD I ASUS STRIX GTX 1070 I DELL S2716DG

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