IXEG 737 Classic Landing Saturday, April 23, 2016

  • Version 1.0.2 introduces the following fixes:

    Solves issue where cockpit windows would not open under certain conditions when they should
    Entry of high ZFW numbers now accepted and fixed
    Solves issue where FMC weight entry got changed between kg/lb
    Fixes an issue where N1 Limit was not going to CRZ during VNAV cruise
    Clicking on FMC after pulling up MENU now displays INIT REF page
    Packs now adjustable by a sound slider
    Vertical Speed Indicator now works in replay mode
    Strobe lights now work in replay mode
    Engine fire handles no longer cause soft crash
    Blinding effect now removed. We will re-consider our approach on this later
    Fixes soft crash when adding a STAR on right side CDU
    Fixes soft crash when deleting a "disco" twice while in plan mode
    Adjusted checklist legibility in dark lit scenarios
    Solves an issue where Navigraph data cycle information was not displayed correctly
    Light test fixed to work fully in cold and dark
    Solves issue where spoilers would come up on touchdown even when not armed
    Enables full airplane shadow when in inside views
    LOC and GS flags dont display anymore when station still out of range, instead the deviation pointers are removed from the scales
    Protection against some soft crashes happening just before touchdown.
    Removed a way to skip the alignment time of the IRS unit
    Waypoint altitude speed restriction entry overhaul
    Swaps inverted the key commands for spoilers

  • Version 1.0.3 introduces the following fixes:

    Various fixes to sound engine. Some sounds being heard when they should not and vice versa.
    New datarefs added for XPUIPC and CDU Display so remote CDUs can be developed.
    Fix to soft crash scenario when sequencing 2nd to last waypoint and last point was part of an airway (not procedure or direct)
    Spoiler keystrokes now more in line with XP Standard. 4 is "extended", 3 is "lay flat"
    Fix to several soft crash scenarios when crossing T/D.
    Tweaked magnitude of reverse thrust / N1%
    Flight recorder test now affects requisite annunciator.
    Fix for soft crash when erroneously using a slash to enter OAT on the PERF INIT page
    Fix for many soft crashes relating to arrivals where the deceleration at the Speed Restriction Altitude crosses a waypoint with a ABOVE restriction. VNAV calculation only.
    Some temporary protections put on the PROGRESS page to minimize soft crashes until the page is officially completed and endorsed.
    Day/Date fields on the POS INIT page swapped to confirm to title line.
    Tweak to oversensitive toe brakes.
    Tweak to improve some compatibility with Saitek equipment.
    Can set fuel level using the preflight dialog now.
    Fixed bug relating to soft crash and actuating the Fire Handles
    Fuel entry on the PERF INIT page takes decimals now. It was rounding up/down before.
    Gross Weight and VRef values on the approach page now update during flight.
    Imperial GW values stays in imperial units, instead of reverting back to metric.
    Adjustment to incorrect mach target speeds when switching AP pitch modes from VNAV.
    HUD forward view is now available.
    Spoilers deploy when armed for all cases. Before, for some users, they did not depending on their preference settings.
    Can now select SID transitions on LSK1 (2nd page and higher). Before, attempting to select SID trans on LSK 1 would do nothing.
    Some data is now saved between flights, particularly fuel and MCP settings.
    Tweak to cabin temperature adjustment
    Can enter CG on PERF INIT page now.
    Fix to GPU disconnecting when randomizing ground services.
    Fix to N1 activating during approach some times.
    CG now adjustable on the TAKEOFF page. Trim updates accordingly.
    New wind sound file in effect

  • Interessantes Filmchen!
    Danke für den link, Hermann!
    Liebe Grüsse

    X-Plane 11.51, Apple iMac 27" 4 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Core, OS X 10.13.6 High Sierra, 32 GB RAM, AMD Radeon R9 M395X mit 4 GB VRAM

  • Eine Frage an die 733 Piloten.

    Mit der ersten Version konnte ich cold an dark " alignen " ( so wie es im readme steht ).

    Ab der neusten Version 1.0.3 geht es nicht mehr?

    Turn - around und Ready to Fly geht es natürlich.



    Es funkt!

    DSPL SEL auf " HDG/STS " gestellt, dann sieht man die Zahl 7. Das bedeutet 7 Minuten warten ( man kann sehen wie es runter zählt ). Nach 7 Minuten sieht man den eingegebenen FPL im NAV-Display......Freude herscht:)

  • IXEG 737 Classic 1.0.4 is here!

    Version 1.0.4 introduces the following fixes:

    Ability to save routes. RTE page 1 whenever the following exists: 1.) departure airport, arrival airport, at least one enroute waypoint
    Multiple fixes for LNAV routing
    Reduced ‘bends’ in short legs
    Fixed several route “kinks”
    AirFMC now supported (requires v1.3.1 of iOS app and v4.5.1 of the X-Plane plugin)
    Flight recorder switch cover moves switch back to normal
    Several fixes for various soft crash issues
    Cabin control initialized to 24000 for all situations
    Engine driven Hydraulic pump switches initialize to ON
    Various fixes for the sound engine / sounds
    IDENT page shows correct AIRAC dates
    Cruise page formatting fixes
    Fix for refueling of center tank with engines/APU off
    Pressing TAKEOFF> prompt on some pages doesn’t go to the CLIMB page now
    Gyro sound spins down properly now after shutting off battery
    Consistent fuel values on aircraft load now
    Auto brake DISARM light illuminates when auto brake disengages during RTO
    Fire bell sound fix
    Fix for startup engine sounds playing sometime when they shouldn’t
    Gross Weight updating on the approach page now
    CG can be set on TAKEOFF page to calculate takeoff trim

  • Version 1.0.5 introduces the following fixes:

    Fixed 12 individual cases of gizmo soft-crashing related to LNAV/VNAV
    Hardened the coroute loader against corrupted routes or invalid formats
    No more spamming prefs file to other aircrafts folders
    After capturing LOC only, single push of APP will now arm GS as well
    TAKEOFF REF page not prematurely changing to CLB page anymore
    Fixed another case of MCP speed going to M.84 after VNAV disconnect
    Stopped AP turning off the final approach course on LNAV in some cases
    Autobrakes should not disarm upon brake application when they are only armed
    No more sound of starter playing without air pressure
    Fixed wrong magnetic courses displayed on LEGS page
    LEGS page distance TO precision adjusted for distances over 9.9NM.
    Fix for ISA/DEV calculation when entering OAT on PERF INIT page.
    Fixed wrong magnetic bearing and radials displaying with FIX page symbology
    Display of terrain elevation should stay on map now in CTR MAP mode
    Fixed frame-rate drop when holding push-to-talk switch
    Smoother autothrust operation when in vertical speed AP mode

  • Ich bin ein Pilot der noch mit Uhren umgehen kann, darum gefällt mir die IXEC besser als die Strattmann.
    Ich besitze Uhren wie Rado, Tissot und Trasser und kann zufälligerweise auch mit dennen umgehen.




    WIN10 Pro, XP 11, Board X299 TOMAHAWK (MS-7B05), Processor Intel Core i7-7820X, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8 Gbyte GDDR5, 1 SSD 500GB ( WIN10 ) 1 SSD 500GB (X-Plane), 1 SSD 250GB, 1 SSD 250GB, Ram Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB DDR4 3000MHz CL15, Netzteil Corsair RM850x-850W, Kühlung LC-Power LC-CC-120-LiCo, 2 x HD WD Black 3.5" SATA-III 2TB, 7200rpm, 64MB, 8.9ms. PLEXTOR DVDR, Saitek X55 Rhino , Saitek Autopilot Multipanel, Radio Panel, Flight Switch Panel, Trottel Qadrant, Rudder Pedals.

  • ......und was soll uns jetzt dein Beitrag sagen ??

    Liebe Grüße


    MSFS "fliegst du schon, oder tweakst du noch" Kicher

    Ronny, der keine Ahnung hat , aber will

  • Bald kommt wieder ein Update:)

    A bit of update news for the awesome facebook group here! I'm going on 12 hours today....with 22 mind-numbing descents flown. The hotfix is waiting on me to successfully test the most recent changes. With this hotfix we have some goodies. Most notably, the PROG page ONE is more fully featured with winds info, ETA/distance for T/C, T/D, E/D and also fuel QTY from the summation unit is displayed. Also, you can engage VNAV now without a valid T/D point. This should be good for the online folks. Also, this 12 hour day has been solely to tune the Target speeds during VNAV descents....so they'll honor waypoint restrictions and the SRA (speed restriction altitude) restriction...so when you pass these "green circle" on the magenta during the descent, you should see new target speeds displayed on the CDU descent page. This makes descents a lot more automated. And a final goodie for the real hardcore guys....the FMS will reset when slowing below 60 knots on a landing...so you can do turnaround flights without rebooting gizmo...another plus for the online guys. Other various fixes for stability and some LNAV routing issues will be included in the hotfix as well....as usual, XA will provide the complete list. As soon as I can fly this 'turn-around' scenario to my satisfaction...we'll get the hotfix out, certainly before the weekend flying sessions!

  • Version 1.0.6 introduces the following new features:

    Added FMC reset after landings for turn-around flights so you don’t have to reboot Gizmo.
    Implemented fuel qty output on PROG page
    Implemented ETA to T/C, T/D, and E/D on PROG page
    Implemented Wind speed/dir on PROG page
    Improved VNAV speed target functionality on VNAV descents
    New datarefs for Pilotedge pilots. PE can now fail any electrical bus or your hydraulics remotely.
    Allow use of VNAV for climb and cruise without requiring T/D to exist.

    Version 1.0.6 introduces the following fixes:

    Improved ETA values on the PROGRESS page to active and NEXT waypoints.
    Fixed bug where on the PROGRESS PAGE, fuel used was displayed improperly.
    Fixed bug where sometimes the magenta route would draw ‘backwards’ from the takeoff runway.
    Four general fixes for gizmo soft-crashing related to LNAV/VNAV algorithms.
    Now you can’t enter manual MCP SPD autothrust mode when on VNAV anymore
    Bearing and distance on FIX INFO page now updates dynamically as you move.
    Stopped the autopilot speed getting set to 001 in some circumstances
    Added warning window if the aircraft is not installed into correct X-Plane folder/path.
    Improved route drawing with conditional waypoints in Navigraph DB
    Improved waypoint sequencing to be more reliable
    More accurate Vref entry methods on APPROACH REF page.
    Fixed lights being "blocky" when having 737 installed and using IVAO
    Fixed FD MA lights to not turn off when autopilot is engaged
    FLARE no longer lingering on FMA after autoland and both FDs and APs are off
    Fixed one case that would lead to having a loop in the route before the missed approach HOLDING pattern
    Hardened code against speed restriction altitude deletion
    Improved import and wrong calculation of some altitude restrictions
    Only show CDU message, ”CHECK ALTITUDE TARGET" when actually engaging the VNAV button.

  • Es geht weiter!

    Version 1.0.7 introduces the following fixes:

    Fix to "climb page soft crash"
    Fix to some DCT points disappearing on RTE page
    Fix to VNAV profiles going over the mach switchover altitude, where you would get UNABLE cruise message

  • Danke für den Hinweis Hermann, einen Teil der Videos kannte ich noch nicht. Die IXEG Trainingsvideos von Jan Vogel kann ich nur empfehlen. Auch wenn man schon sehr lange die 737 fliegt, lernt man eine Menge dazu. Wer weiß schon, wie man ein Wetterradar zur Orientierung benutzt?:)
    liebe Grüße

    iMac i7 mit NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4GB und X-Plane 10.51/11

  • Guten Abend zusammen
    Auf Grund Eurer Diskussion zu dieser 737-300 habe ich mich entschieden, dieses Flugzeug - als Ergänzung zur T7 - auch zu kaufen.
    Nach einem ersten kurzen Testflug von LSZH nach LSGG bin ich schon sehr zufrieden damit. Erinnerte mich an die ersten 737-300 versuche auf dem MSFS.
    Freue mich schon auf die nächsten Flüge.


  • Soeben im LHA Forum gelesen!

    Hab sie heute getestet die 1.0.7 läuft nicht !!

    APU geht nicht an, Flieger fängt an zu rutschen bzw sich selber zu bewegen GIZMO stürzt ab .. u.s.w.

    Nachfrage in Forum die Fehler sind bekannt und die Entwickler arbeiten aktuell an der 1.1 sie haben die IXEG nicht "hinterher gepatcht" bei den letzten Upates von XP 11 gabs grosse Veränderung. d.h. funktioniert sie immo nicht.

  • Hallo Hermann,
    Seit wann gibt es denn die Version 1.0.7? Ich habe den Flieger mit dem Installationsprogramm von x-aviation neu in X-Plane 11 heruntergeladen. Im FMS wird auf der IDENT Seite IXEG 733 Classic V0.8 ! angezeigt. Oder wo sieht man sonst die Versions-Nr? APU habe ich im Planemaker angehakt und die aktuellen Nav Daten von Navigraph installiert. Alles funktioniert gut, einschließlich APU, keine Fehlermeldungen. :confused:
    liebe Grüße

    iMac i7 mit NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4GB und X-Plane 10.51/11

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